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Brief Book Reviews on Leadership, Management,
Governance, and Life 

by John Pearson with Jason Pearson

Click here to download the Table of Contents
(100 Must-Read Books!) and the introduction
("A Q&A With Son & Pearson"). 

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IN THIS UNIQUE WORKBOOK FOR PERSONAL OR TEAM USE, John Pearson (with the creative input from his son, Jason) delivers brief book reviews of his 100 favorite leadership, management, and governance books. Plus—selected books to enrich your spiritual journey. It’s the perfect resource for the “10 Minutes for Lifelong Learning” segments at your weekly staff meeting.

This jam-packed Leadership/Management resource features 100 books in 18 categories, including: 
•    How to Read a Book
•    John’s Book-of-the-Year Picks (2006 to 2021)
•    The Mount Rushmore of Leadership Legends (Lencioni, Collins, Blanchard, and Drucker)
•    Contrarian Thinking

    Five Business Classics
•    Five Powerful Assessments
•    White House/Fight House
•    Hall of Fame Sports Stories
•    Historical & Political Commentary
•    In Search of Global Perspectives

•    Leadership & Management at War
•    Feeble Faith & Flabby Worship
•    Keys to Memorable Speaking & Writing
•    “Nonprofit” Is a Tax Designation—Not a Management Philosophy
•    The Final Four 

GREAT INSIGHTS FROM GREAT BOOKS! To write a book about crime, Malcolm Gladwell acquired 150 books on the subject. See My Ideal Bookshelf (Book #2) and Talking to Strangers (Book #43). 

To inspire your team members, mention this from Jim Mattis, author of Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead (Book #8):
“If you haven’t read hundreds of books, learning from others who went before you, you are functionally illiterate—you can’t coach and you can’t lead.” Mattis notes that the Marines have a required reading list for every rank. “Even generals are assigned a new set of books that they must consume. At no rank is a Marine excused from studying.”

This 405-page resource includes a study guide, a list of “bonus books,” and for each book—weekly meeting discussion questions and accountability next steps. (The “Q &A with Son and Pearson” introduction is serious, but hilarious!) 

READ THE Q & A on John Pearson's Buckets Blog. Click here.
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