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John Pearson is the author or co-author of 10 books on leadership, management, and nonprofit board governance--all with a distinctive faith-based foundation. The books are practical and sometimes humorous!

NOW AVAILABLE! MASTERING 100 MUST-READ BOOKS: Brief Book Reviews on Leadership, Management, Governance, and Life  - 10 Minutes for Lifelong Learning Workbookby John Pearson with Jason Pearson (September 2022) - Webpage 

25 MISTAKES! MASTERING MISTAKE-MAKING: My 25 Memorable Mistakes—and What I Learned - 10 Minutes for Lifelong Learning Workbook, by John Pearson with Jason Pearson (May 2021) - Webpage 

4 MISTAKES! The 4 Big Mistakes to Avoid With Your Nonprofit Board (3rd Edition): How Leaders Enrich Their Ministry Results Through God-Honoring Governance, by John Pearson (Oct 21, 2021) - Order from Amazon.

READ THIS FIRST! Mastering the Management Buckets: 20 Critical Competencies for Leading Your Business or Nonprofit, by John Pearson (2008) - Order from Amazon

  • Mastering the Management Buckets Workbook: Management Tools, Templates and Tips from John Pearson, with commentary by Jason Pearson (2nd Edition, 2018) - Order from Amazon


  • Lessons From the Nonprofit Boardroom: 40 Insights for Better Board Meetings (2nd Edition), by Dan Busby and John Pearson (2018) - Order from Amazon


  • More Lessons From the Nonprofit Boardroom: Effectiveness, Excellence, Elephants! by Dan Busby and John Pearson (2019) - Order from Amazon

  • Lessons From the Church Boardroom: 40 Insights for Exceptional Governance (2nd Edition), by Dan Busby and John Pearson (2019) - Order from Amazon

  • ECFA Tools and Templates for Effective Board Governance: Time-Saving Solutions for Your Board, by Dan Busby and John Pearson (2019) - Order from Amazon

  • Marketing Your Ministry: Ten Critical Principles, by John W. Pearson and Robert D. Hisrich, Ph.D. (1990) - Order from Amazon


SUPREMELY USEFUL. This is certainly one of the first books a Christian leader should read.  John puts the cookies on the lowest shelf.  He speaks from the perspective of 30 years as a CEO, the perspective you have as a Christian leader.  Yea God!  Yea John!  This is a very practical, supremely useful book.  It deserves a wide audience. 
   Bob Buford (1939-2018)
   Former Chairman of the Board
   The Buford Foundation & Leadership Network


SUPPORTS OUR MISSION. ECFA is an accreditation agency dedicated to helping Christian ministries earn the public’s trust through adherence to Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship™, which focus on board governance, financial transparency, integrity in fundraising, and proper use of charity resources. Mastering the Management Buckets is a helpful resource that supports the mission of ECFA.
   Dan Busby (1941-2022)
   Former President

BETTER LEADER. Reading this book and acting on its advice will make you a better leader and manager.  I couldn’t be more clear about that!
   Jim Mellado
   President and CEO
   Compassion International

HARVARD MBA. Mastering the Management Buckets is simply the best book I have read on Christian management of nonprofit organizations.  It is a perfect balance between Biblical wisdom and a Harvard MBA.
   Dennis Bakke
   Author of the national best-selling book, Joy at Work


FRESH REMINDER. As World Vision helps transform the lives of the world’s poorest children and families in nearly 100 countries, we strive to be leaders and managers who honor God every day.  That’s not easy! Mastering the Management Buckets is a fresh reminder of the complexity of the leadership challenge—yet John’s book also delivers practical management insights for our leaders and our in-the-trenches people.
   Richard E. Stearns
   Former President
   World Vision U.S.

TAKE NOTES! John Pearson has written a wonderful book that is not only for those aspiring to leadership positions, but those who have been in the management ranks for years.  I not only enjoyed it, I learned a few things to boot!  So buy the book, grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up, and take notes! 
   Former Senior Vice President
   Focus on the Family


WOKE ME UP! John Pearson has just thrown a bucket of cold water into my face…and it woke me up! After reading Mastering the Management Buckets, I was stunned to realize how lazy I had become in my own day to day leadership responsibilities. John has taken all things management and artfully organized them into a system personally honed over the past 35 years, and validates it with scripture.  This book is a baptism—a full immersion of management theory and practice—that will enable any leader, seasoned or fresh, to get the results that are not only desired, but critical for mission effectiveness.
   Major George Hood (1947-2018)
   Former National Community Relations & Development Secretary
   The Salvation Army – USA National Headquarters

ORDERED 40 BOOKS. John has mentored our board and our senior leaders and managers with these core competencies—and we’re always challenged to a higher standard of effectiveness.  I just ordered 40 books to ensure that we’re mastering all 20 management buckets!
   Dr. John T. Walling
   Retired President/CEO
   Christian Community Credit Union


BUY A CASE. At the Foundation for Christian Stewardship, we offer expert counsel and innovative giving solutions to individuals, families, churches, ministries, and professional advisors.  We call it "Smart Christian GivingSM”.  If you want some “Smart Book Giving,” buy a case of Mastering the Management Buckets for your colleagues!
   Ann McKusick
   Former  President
   Foundation for Christian Stewardship


BLOCKING AND TACKLING. As John mentions in his book, I served 27 years as a Chamber of Commerce president—and worked with 27 different board chairs! I learned early on that it took a committed team of board members, staff and volunteers to achieve our mission.  Leadership and management can be complex—but it’s mostly about the basics: blocking and tackling. This book will bring you back to the basics. I recommend it!
   George Duff
   Former President
   Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, and Senior Adviser, Christian Management Association


UNDER YOUR PILLOW! Mastering the Management Buckets is like a bible for managers.  We all have tools we go to again and again to get the job done and John Pearson has given us that kind of tool.  Put this book on your desk, not on your book shelf.  If you are just getting into the management business you may want to sleep with it under your pillow!  The buckets and balls arrangement of the book help you find bottom line answers for those tough management challenges right when you need them.  While the book is built on a foundation of sound management theories, each chapter (bucket) leads you into the personal action next steps required of a wise, skillful and competent leader.
   Gary Bishop (1946-2015)
   Former President
   Far Corners Mission

CHECKLIST. Leadership involves juggling a lot of balls, and John Pearson has sorted 82 of those balls into 20 buckets.  Sound overwhelming?  Pearson acknowledges that no one person can master all the buckets, so he provides well-written, self-contained chapters that can easily be delegated to staff members for action.  This book is an essential checklist for leaders, ensuring that all the bases are covered. 
   Rev. John Pellowe, MBA, D.Min.
   Canadian Council of Christian Charities


BITE-SIZED. In Mastering the Management Buckets, John Pearson provides practical advice in an easily consumable format. It’s bite-sized and offers easy to use job aids, charts, examples and tools to process what he’s challenging us to do. This management handbook is a must read!
   Wendy Seidman

   Got Influence?

AN ORANGE--OF ALL THINGS! As someone that has benefited from John Pearson’s leadership at Christian Camping International and Christian Management Association, I could hear his voice and see his encouraging smile as I enjoyed his organized and thorough review of the critical competencies for leading an organization.  In government we have two disciplines:  program service and management and administration.  
     In nonprofits, and in political campaigns, we have one more discipline: fund raising.  The ability to be successful at all three is daunting for most.  But, Pearson has carefully packaged the core competencies in a nice box and tied a bow around it.  The Buckets, the real-life examples, and, most importantly, the exhortations to move out beyond his book and to pursue a lifetime education in the essential areas of management growth make Pearson’s book a must have resource.   And, being familiar with crisis management, I found it most coincidental that the Crisis Bucket’s anecdotal story would revolve around, of all things, an orange.
   Former Senator, representing the 37th District of California

Note: John Moorlach began his career in public service in 1994, while practicing as a private sector Certified Public Accountant and Certified Financial Planner, when he warned that then Orange County Treasurer-Tax Collector Robert Citron’s risky investment strategies would lead to bankruptcy. Unfortunately, Moorlach was right (re: the Crisis Bucket!). He was then appointed to that role, and later represented the Second District of Orange County on the Board of Supervisors. He also served as a state senator.

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