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My 25 Memorable Mistakes—and What I Learned
by John Pearson with Jason Pearson

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MASTERING MISTAKE-MAKING, by John Pearson with Jason Pearson,
features 25 memorable mistakes John made in his career—and what he
learned (and is still learning) from the mistake-making literature. Here are just six of the 25 transparent chapters in this very practical workbook for your staff meetings and your professional enrichment:
   Mistake #3: Reading Too Narrowly—Stuck in My Lane
   Mistake #8: Incessantly Whining About Being Too Busy
   Mistake #9: Fibbing…to Fit My Fiction
   Mistake #10: Being “Mr. Nice Guy” vs. “Mr. Truthful Guy”
   Mistake #14: Ignoring My Annoying Workplace Habits
   Mistake #20: Trying to Fix Workaholism on My Own

John confesses, “Had I studied the efficacy of mistake-making earlier in my career, I would have taken more risks—yes, leading to more failure—but also leading to greater learning and results.”

Each chapter features a brief “mistake story” (often a hilarious management mistake) and then what John learned after reading a recommended fork-in-the-road book. (He recommends one book for each mistake: 25 must-read books!) Now you and your team members can avoid these 25 mistakes by reading Mastering Mistake-Making: My 25 Memorable Mistakes—and What I Learned.

The workbook format can be used for your own professional development or with your team in your weekly staff meetings. This “10 Minutes for Lifelong Learning Workbook” includes a bonus chapter, a “Do-It-Yourself Mistake-Maker,” with a template inviting your team members to present one of their memorable mistakes at future weekly staff meetings!

The appendix is jammed with additional lifelong reading resources, including a special 9/11 journal and photos by Jason Pearson, John’s son, who is the “Ideator and Illustrator” of this unique book. Jason flew into New York City the morning of 9/11 and now—20 years later—he shares his poignant journal and on-the-scene photos.

"In real life, John Pearson makes few mistakes. In this book however, he’s transparent and has catalogued the few mistakes he has made for us all to learn from them. This book is practical, full of ideas, interactive and fun. When you’re done reading, your life will be all the better because you’ll have eliminated the 25 mistakes outlined in John’s book. Thanks, John!”

Greg Leith, CEO, CONVENE (Business Performance, Eternal Perspective)

“Wow, Grandpa John! You made a lot of mistakes in your career!”
Emelia Pearson (18), your favorite granddaughter 

“Thanks for being so vulnerable and sharing your mistakes. By the way, I’ll give you the list of typos I found in your book—in exchange for a generous Starbucks gift card.”
Zuzu Pearson (18), your favorite granddaughter

“I read one of your whopper mistakes to my business class. They laughed and asked if my other grandpa had more street smarts! No comment.”
Anders Pearson (18), your favorite grandson

"Grandpa John...I just want to say that of all the books I’ve read this far in my life, your book is one of them. (Nice sketches, Dad!)”
Annika Pearson (14), your favorite granddaughter 

“Your book has already been helpful for my siblings. Now when someone messes up, we just shout out, ‘Mistake #9!’ or ‘Mistake #4!’ (my favorite).”
Helena Pearson (12), your favorite granddaughter