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RESULTS bucket

RESULTS bucket


We focus on results. We are not activity-driven, we are results-driven. We measure what we value, so we celebrate both the writing and the achieving of team-blessed standards of performance for every staff member, board member and volunteer. We also abandon dead horses and sacred cows.


Read Chapter 1: The Results Bucket (download the PDF)

READ: "Ensuring Mission Impact: How to Move from Strategy to Results," by Matt Britenberg and Art Caccese, from the December 2003 issue of Christian Management Report, published by Christian Management Association (now Christian Leadership Alliance). Download.

WORKSHEET #1.1: "Where Are Your Priorities?" Download this worksheet on the "Five Signs You Might Be More Focused on Inside Results Than on Outside Results" (Figure 1.1 from Chapter 1).

WORKSHEET #1.2: "When the Horse Is Dead, Dismount." Download this PDF and check the Top-5 answers you often hear in your organization!

WORKSHEET #1.3: Peter Drucker on "Goal Alignment." Download this PDF and read this classic story told by Peter Drucker at a CEO retreat. (Read Ball #1 in The Meetings Bucket chapter on page 256.)

DELEGATE YOUR READING! Ask team members to select a book from this bucket and share a book review at your next staff meeting. See the Book Bucket for more ideas on why "Leaders Are Readers." For a complete list of books from this bucket, visit the Book Bucket and download List #1 (with books reviewed through Dec. 31 of last year). 



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