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We plan, believing the results are up to God. We energize our people and customers with a Big Holy Audacious Goal (BHAG). We’re systematic—never negligent—in our strategic planning. We know our mission statement by memory, and our programs, products and services are in alignment with the mission.


NONPROFIT LEADERS AND VOLUNTEERS. Read the Jim Collins monograph, Good to Great and the Social Sectors, and visit the Jim Collins website for more insight on how competence, passion and resources must intersect in your strategic plan. See his "Good to Great" diagnostic tool.

WORKSHEET #3.1: "Summarize Your Plan With a G.N.O.M.E. Chart." Download this simple tool (Word document) to summarize your strategic plan on one sheet of paper. Identify your Goals, Needs, Objectives, Methods and Evaluation process.

WORKSHEET #3.2: "The 7 Reasons Why Strategic Plans Fail," from John Pearson's "The Rolling 3-Year Strategic Plan Workshop." Download this 4-page sample worksheet from the workshop.

RESOURCE ARTICLE: "Entrepreneurial Wisdom: 5 Career-Saving Principles for Ministry Entrepreneurs," by John Pearson (Outcomes magazine, Winter 2010, published by Christian Leadership Alliance) - Download the 2-page PDF.

POINT PERSON. When your strategic plan is created by planners, not decision-makers, it will sit on the shelf and have little, if any, impact on your organization. Identify your point person, or "champion" today. Assignment #1: Read Mastering the Management Buckets.

DELEGATE YOUR READING! Ask team members to select a book from this bucket and share a book review at your next staff meeting. See the Book Bucket for more ideas on why "Leaders Are Readers." For a complete list of books from this bucket, visit the Book Bucket and download List #1 (with books reviewed through Dec. 31 of last year). 

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