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team bucket


We believe that a balanced life honors God, each other, our families and our friends, so we leverage the unique set of talents and strengths given to each person by God. Thus we serve with more fulfillment and joy. We also leave work on time, physically and mentally.


WORKSHEET #9.1: The 21 Time Blocks--Toward a God-honoring Balanced Life. Read Chapter 9 and download this PDF to determine your willingness to affirm a commitment to limit your work to "x" times blocks per week (out of a possible 21).

WORKSHEET #9.2: My Team's Top-5 Strengths. Yikes! Seventy percent of the workforce do not leverage their strengths at work. Download this Word document and record the Top-5 Strengths of your team. (Visit the CliftonStrengths website, order one of several strengths books for each person and change the DNA of your culture and your organization!)

TEMPLATE. Check out the StrengthsFinder template in the 2019 resource, ECFA Tools and Templates for Effective Board Governance: Time-Saving Solutions for Your Board, by Dan Busby and John Pearson. The book gives you access to all 22 tools and templates.

DELEGATE YOUR READING! Ask team members to select a book from this bucket and share a book review at your next staff meeting. See the Book Bucket for more ideas on why "Leaders Are Readers." For a complete list of books from this bucket, visit the Book Bucket and download List #1 (with books reviewed through Dec. 31 of last year). 

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