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We believe leaders are readers! We create a culture that embraces a healthy appetite for leadership and management books, journals, articles and audio resources. We mentor team members with thoughtfully selected titles and chapters to help them leverage their strengths, grow in their faith and serve others with passion. We don’t just talk about books—we actually read them!


POTUS Pop Quiz Answers! Click here to download the 3-page PDF with the 8-question quiz (and the answers) created from the book, Fight House: Rivalries in the White House from Truman to Trump, by Tevi Troy.

Download "30 Books to Delegate During This Crisis...and the Next Crisis," a 12-page PDF with links to 30 book reviews by John Pearson (July 1, 2020).

Click here.

Download these PDFs with listings of books and authors featured in Your Weekly Staff Meeting eNews, published by John Pearson. (All lists updated on Dec. 31, 2020.)

  • List #1: Books by Management Buckets Categories

  • List #2Chronological List of 458 Issues of Your Weekly Staff Meeting (450+ books)

  • List #3: John Pearson's Top-100 Book List (updated 12/31/2020)

WORKSHEET #5.1: "Your Top-100 Books List." Download this Word document and read pages 82-86. Begin today and create your own Top-100 Books List.  Don't borrow heavily from others.  Make this your unique list with memorable book friends that have guided you on your leadership and management journey.  Then mentor others with carefully selected books.

RESOURCE #5.2: "20 Books to Get You Started." Download this list (PDF) of 20 books (one per bucket), as shown on pages 83-85. You will eventually have a different Top-20 list, but this will give you some ideas.

RESOURCE #5.3: "John Pearson's Top-100 Books." (See above.) It's not prescriptive necessarily for anyone else because it reflects John's understanding (at the time) of "what I know I don't know." The list is organized according to the 20 buckets.  The list was updated on December 31, 2020, with new books added (and some dropped!). Note: John has not mastered the Math Bucket, so there may be more than 100 on this list!

John Pearson's Buckets Blog: Hot Thoughts on Management & Leadership is the blog/archives for John's eNewsletter, Your Weekly Staff Meeting, where he has reviewed over 450 leadership and management books, plus other helpful resources for leaders and managers.

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John reviews a book and a bucket in every issue of Your Weekly Staff Meeting emailed to more than 1,200 subscribers. This quick-reading resource keeps you in-the-know and helps you stay on top of the latest leadership and management books.

DELEGATE YOUR READING! Ask team members to select a book from the Book Bucket and share a book review at your next staff meeting. Read the Book Bucket chapter for more ideas on why "Leaders Are Readers." For a complete list of all books from all 20 buckets, download List #1 (with books reviewed through Dec. 31 of last year).