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CRISIS bucket

CRISIS bucket


We are prepared for most crises. We have plans in place and a crisis facilitator trained, and we drill our team members frequently and spontaneously. Yet we trust in God, who is our Protector, Comforter and Sustainer.


WORKSHEET #13.1: Plan Now for Your Next Crisis. Download this Word document and fill in the blanks to create your own crisis card for every team member.

READ: Download the article (PDF), "We've Got an Emergency: Essential Lessons Every Manager Needs to Learn Before a Crisis Hits" (The Inside Story of How World Vision Responded to the Tsunami Disaster). Reprinted by permission of Christian Management Report, August 2005 (published by CMA, now Christian Leadership Alliance)

REFLECT: Read the "orange story" (Chapter 13) at your next staff meeting and discuss your role and God's role in the next crisis you face.

DELEGATE YOUR READING! Ask team members to select a book from this bucket and share a book review at your next staff meeting. See the Book Bucket for more ideas on why "Leaders Are Readers." For a complete list of books from this bucket, visit the Book Bucket and download List #1 (with books reviewed through Dec. 31 of last year).

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